Hybrid work is here. Now, imagine working from home but together with your favorite colleague. Imagine working near your home but with a select colleague at your colleague’s house.

Coremoting, a new collaborative working mode for colleagues is here and our web app at Coremoting.com is ready to facilitate the organization, matching and scheduling of the Coremoting Sessions.

What is the reasoning behind Coremoting?

Some background: Remote Work is here to stay and Working From Home (WFH) is the employees’ absolute favorite. Working Near Home (WNH) is a close second as not all employees are able to WFH but absolutely everyone I asked hates long commutes. And Working With Friends (WWF) is a no-brainer. Because for the vast majority of Fully Remote and Remote-First workers, Full Time In-Office Working (IOW) is a distant memory of a dystopian past. Any occasional day in the office is viewed as a welcome opportunity to mainly meet with our favorite colleagues and socialize.

But the traditional in-person collaboration is suffering.

a old-fashioned watercooler moment

Limited serendipity, scarce water-cooler moments, connections restricted to a closed and direct circle. Indeed, in-person collaboration is important for productivity, innovation and for -almost- any organization’s future. Alas, in the scale of importance for the employees and when counting the countless hours in preparation and commuting to the office, and the discomfort of leaving your home, your family and your neighborhood it is a clear NO.

This delicate situation is the driving force behind a lot of -traditional- bosses’ mandates to Return-To-Office (RTO). Many employees see them as desperate ways to enforce collaboration through forced colocation. And because of the employees’ dissatisfaction the mandates are failing as a management practice. They are causing resistance and attrition among existing employees and increasing the difficulty to attract and retain talent.

How Coremoting works

Coremoting bridges the gap. Employees, during working hours, stay at home or near their home (at a colleague-”neighbor”) or with their favorite colleagues selected with in-app criteria, either as hosts or as guests. New connections are formed and existing relations are fostered.
Coremoting in action
Coremoting is a distributed collaborative model that removes loneliness and breaks silos. We are creating a new layer of communication and in-person collaboration based on each individual employee’s LIFE decisions (home location, family situation, friend selection) that creates the perfect WORK-LIFE balance, the holy grail of the Future of Work.

Want to learn more and how easy it is to start Coremoting in your organization? Visit coremoting.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Who knows, maybe you can become part of our early adopter project. And brag about it in the future.

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